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March 16, 2018
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We have all heard the old saying, “if you only have a hammer everything looks like a nail”.


That is why at Industrial Environmental Inc. we employ a variety of treatment methods including both mechanical equipment and passive dewatering techniques to dewater material.  Mechanical equipment includes, but is not limited to, belt filter press units, decanter centrifuges, and plate and frame filter presses.  Industrial Environmental, Inc. regularly employs geotextile tubes to economically and passively dewater a variety of materials. Having the right tool for YOUR JOB is very important.


Industrial Environmental Inc. was recently called to evaluate an ash pond at a power generation facility that was recently cleaned using a combination of hydrocyclones and dewatering screens.  This is a valid technology that Industrial Environmental, Inc. has employed to complete past projects.  This technology alone is limited to slurries with particles sized larger than 37 microns without the need for additional equipment beyond the hydrocyclones and dewatering screen system.  The executed project removed only the larger particles and allowed the smaller particles to be redeposited in the ash pond.  The project removed less than thirty percent of the material from the pond and has rendered the remaining material more difficult to treat, as it is primarily composed of small particles. Although this is a valid method, it is not what Industrial Environmental, Inc. would have suggested.


Industrial Environmental Inc. partners with our customer to carefully evaluate each project to design the most efficient approach to satisfy the goals of the project and our customer.


Please let us know if we can develop a custom solution for your next dredging or water treatment project.

Twila Kempf

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