Spoils Management is the most important consideration of a dredging project. A plan for the handling of dredge spoil must be developed before any dredge plan can be implemented. The following issues must be examined carefully to plan a successful project:

  • Ultimate Disposal Requirements
  • Material Handling Techniques
  • Regulatory Requirements
  • Discharge Limits
  • Footprint

An appropriate Spoils Management Method can be determined after careful examination of project limitations.

Industrial Environmental, Inc. specializes in the following methods of spoils management.

A temporary laydown area is constructed to contain an adequate number of geotextile tubes to contain the projected volume of dredge spoil. This area is temporary and a much smaller footprint than a constructed spoils area. The material treated in the geotextile tubes will dry much quicker, and can be handled and disposed of with no free liquid.

Potential Advantages

  • Much more economical than Mechanical Dewatering
  • Smaller footprint than a Constructed Spoils Area
  • Material can be efficiently handled
  • Limited utility requirements
  • Limited additional equipment
  • Effluent Quality can be finely controlled

Potential Disadvantages

  • Requires a limited footprint
  • May require several weeks for material to dry enough for handling

This method requires the mobilization of a belt press, filter press, or centrifuge, along with ancillary equipment. Requires the smallest footprint, and material is immediately ready to handle.

Potential Advantages

  • Material is immediately ready for disposal
  • Effluent Quality can be finely controlled
  • Very Small Relative Footprint

Potential Disadvantages

  • Most Expensive
  • Slowest Method
  • Most Equipment Intensive
  • Requires Substantial Utilities to operate
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